Saturday, March 27, 2010

LBL Update

I went out today & did a little recon on the course. The winter in Nebraska has not been kind to the roads. Shoulders are covered in a mixture of mud, asphalt chunks, gravel & sand. Deer carcasses litter the ditches- I counted 12 in a 2 mile stretch! The schwag for LBL, if everything goes as planned will be a one of a kind CiTy BiLLy beer glass (it will hold other liquids). Entry fee will be $20, which will include food before & after the ride, one beer glass & refreshments. The ride will begin from my house at 10 am April 24th. I look forward to seeing old friends & making new ones.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LBL 2010:We're going back!

We are returning to Spilker's for an upclose & personal tour!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Training

The bike's muddy, the legs are rubbery, the mind is mush. eDLoNNiE's Spring training has officially begun. This year is a pivotal one in my two- wheeled oddysey, as the last two have been abysmal. It's basically sink or swim, and I want to get back to the point, where, a few years ago, I'd decide to do a weekend century 3 days ahead of time. It's getting to the point that, for me, a credit card tour could stay within the city limits. In other news, LBL is on for April 24th. I'm thinking of a route between 50-60 miles, with some(10 miles) crushed limestone. I'm working on some surprises for this gala event. I'm toying with a special beer glass as the memento for this soiree, please give me your opinion. I'm going to start posting updates for LBL at least every couple of days on this blog. See you in a couple, with some news. Over & out.