Sunday, December 21, 2008


It is extremely cold here today, so I thought I'd post this clip from the 88 Giro to warm everyone up. This trip over the Gavia pass was an exploration of each rider's pain threshold. LBL is now less than four months away (4/18/2009). I'm still considering routes, from the comfort of my fully stocked basement . What length ride would you prefer? I'll put a poll on the right side, so you can vote. I'd like to wish everyone a joyous holiday!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ramble On

I found this when I was surfing the other day. Wow! I just never imagined that these would morph into that! I also never imagined that this masterpiece (picture)would change into this. Technology is a mixed blessing: it can provide us with items that function wonderfully with no maintenance, for example, a cordless phone. Yet, sometimes, it produces a glossy product that doesn't last half as long as it's predecessor: just take a look at how long stereo equipment lasts these days (or televisions). So you can call me a retrogrouch, but I see no reason to run the latest equipment. As slow as I am, I only need two speeds- go and stop.