Saturday, May 5, 2012

LBL 2012

Like the proverbial phoenix, rising out of the ashes, I return, another year dumber. With the weather warming, my thoughts return to CiTy BiLLy CycLe's spring classic, LBL. A test for lungs & liver. A ride for hard men (and women).

Where: eDLoNNiE's Lincoln, Ne

When: Saturday May 5th
9 am- Meet & Greet with DirK's egg casserole , and Hopluia!

10 am- departure for Cortland, home of Spilker Ales.

From 10 am on, the schedule is fluid (mmm, hops!). We will tour the brewery & who knows what other fun we'll create?

Note- Due to the positive feedback from the KeRNel & DiRk last year, we are going to ride the Jamaica/ Homestead trails from Lincoln to Cortland. These are crushed limestone trails, which are very rideable on a road bike, mountain bike or cross bike. The round trip distance is around 54 miles.

Upon arrival back in Lincoln, we will feast on eDLinDa's fabulous French Dip Sandwiches, along with sides. There will be Hopluia to quench your thirst. There will be major tale telling & general tomfoolery.

Cost-$20 covers breakfast, dinner, Hopluia plus undecided upon schwag.

Register- by contacting eDLoNNiE

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game On

Weather for LBL. For those of you without a meteorology degree, it says warm with a strong chance of tallboys. I wish everyone a safe journey from where ever they call home (one new BiLLy is coming from the Windy City!).For your viewing pleasure, here's Tower of Power.