Sunday, May 1, 2011

LBL 2011 Recap

The day began with eDLiNDa's killer egg casserole, now renamed "DiRK's casserole".

Unfortunately, BRiMaN was not feeling very well, so he had to bow out- he was sorely missed!

With the small turnout, the meet & greet was short & we hit the road.

The group, ready for the challenge (maybe)!

New route this year, highlighting Lincoln's Antelope Creek trail & then Salt Creek & Bison. Here's a shot in the Bottoms, this street reminds me of Europe- tight.

We had some limestone in this year's route, on the way out of Lincoln. It's really relaxing to not have to worry about cars. The KeRNeL & DiRk took this trail back from Cortland & raved about how nice it was. There's a good possibility this will be the path we take to Mecca next year.

It wouldn't be a bike ride, without a flat, so eDDy LeE graciously agreed to be the victim.
The stop at Spilker's was relatively short, for once. The wind was brisk, and we faced a stiff headwind on the way back. Everyone was looking forward to getting back, to feast on eDLinDa's French Dip Sandwiches & drinking Hopluia!
I think I caught a glimpse of the Gates of Heaven!The trip back was rather uneventful; just a steady pull against the wind. Overall,it was a great day- a good time with great friends. Thanks to everyone that joined in on the fun! Next up- ScHnOcToBeeRFesT!


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Snakebite said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make it this year. Hope you dudes had an illegal amount of fun.

DIRK said...

It was a GREAT time! I am honored to have the egg casserole named after me.