Sunday, April 20, 2008

Close to Perfect

Ten BiLLys rode LBL. 80% completed the ride: 100% had fun.

The group departed at about 9:15 am, after some of New Glarus' finest.

The support vehicle was very ably staffed by Linda & Meg- here's one of the first rest stops, with water & Gatorade (yes, we drink water).

Arriving in Cortland at Spilker's, after a nearly perfect 23 miles: very little wind.

One of the new BiLLys, K-40, with founding father, eDBiLLy. We had four new BiLLys on this ride: K-20, K-40, DiRk & K-BiLLy! Unfortunately, Sp S-O had another engagement.

The Spilker Tour was definitely a highlight of the ride. The samples were an appetizer for the kegs afterwards. A couple of the Northerners purchased beer & shirts which went into the support vehicle.

Sam did a great job explaining the brewing process & the hard work, that ultimately, creates great beer!

We're off! On the way to Beatrice.

I want to take a minute & thank the CiTy BiLLy North contingent, led by the KeRNeL (they were more than half the riders). Absolutely top notch group of guys!

Here's yours truly, limping into the turnaround point, just outside of Beatrice. I had very few training miles in before this ride, so of course, being the sane person I am, I rode the fixie. The rest of the ride was great- the weather was beautiful, wonderful people, delicious food & heavenly beer. Before I knew it, the sun was setting & folks had to get back home. Can we do this again next week?


bikingbrady said...

Oh BiLLy BiLLy was a blast! Thanks for hosting!! Hope to see you at Schnoctobeerfest!

DIRK said...

Excellent ride BiLLys. I will be back. Don't forget Ride with the kErnEl day on TDK.

Briman said...

All other rides will be compared to this one. Perfect!
I'll toast to the BiLLy's with each of my 6 pints of Foggin Lager!