Monday, April 14, 2008

The week ahead

This is a sad shot. The now gone Foster's Tap in Princeton, Nebraska. Located 18 miles south of Lincoln on Highway 77 (on the LBL route), it was the perfect place to stop for some food & drink. Speaking of food & drink, the final preparations for LBL are on. The Gretemans already got most of the food, so yours truly is in charge of liquid refreshment after the ride. Friday morning, I have to make a trip to Cortland to pick up some Spilker! Would anyone want anything other than coffee, water, juice before the ride? Remember, this ride traditionally starts with a strong headwind. The weather is looking good, keep your fingers crossed!


Snakebite said...

Some of the boys and I were training our livers at Monk's on Friday night. Ask KeRNeL about the beer that was double secret probation and not for sale to the general public (though we got some). But wait until the riding for LBL is be ridden.

thE_kErnEl said...

Can we get Belian waffles some place? Really - not joking here. Maybe in Fremont? That'd be a great way to start Nebraska's only spring classic.

mmmmmm, double chocolate stout, mmmmm

eDLoNNiE said...

KeRNeL, there's an IHOP on north 27th in Lincoln, in between Cornhusker Hwy & I80.