Friday, May 11, 2007

300k tomorrow plus an update

Well, tomorrow is a 300k brevet in Fremont. It starts in Fremont & goes to Meadow Grove & back. For those who don't know, a brevet is a ride that has control points, where you must have your ride card signed. It is time structured, with the control points only open for certain time periods. It is not a race, so slow guys like me can participate. I am not prepared for this ride. I've been very busy at work, so my training is way off schedule. This will be one of those "gutcheck" rides.
As far as the roofrack fiasco, eDBiLLy has been contacted by the roofrack maker & has taken our bikes to two bikeshops for estimates. This has been an interesting process, as my Salsa is outfitted with old school Campy components (not too easy to find). Hopefully, this situation will be resolved shortly.

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