Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This is a cyclist!

This is Jacques Anquetil, a controversial cyclist in his time. This man was a badass. Here's a little excerpt from the Cycling Hall of Fame to illustrate my point. "Anquetil was also a known partier and consumer of fine wines and foods. The 1964 Tour de France illustrates this point. On the rest day in Andorra, Anquetil feasted on a slab of roast lamb while the other riders were out for an easy ride and a day of rest. The next day Anquetil was dropped on the first climb and was behind the leaders of the stage by over four minutes. Only after drinking a champagne-filled water bottle did his stomach troubles subside and allow him to rejoin the leaders after a considerable chase. Later in the 1964 Tour, on a stage up the Puy de Dome, Anquetil and Poulidor had a showdown. Poulidor was normally a much better climber than Anquetil. This being the last major climb in the Tour, with Anquetil holding roughly a minute advantage over Poulidor, Anquetil bluffed Poulidor and rode side by side with Anquetil matching the better climber, Poulidor, with each turn of the pedal. Anquetil finally cracked and Poulidor beat Anquetil by roughly forty seconds. The only decisive stage left in the race was a time trial which Anquetil easily won and stretched his lead over Poulidor by 55 seconds".
Here's my idea for professional cycling: there should be a preliminary event where the riders are required to drink a 12 pack of PBR & eat a pastrami on rye. Then, maybe we can get back to those days when we could look up to our heroes, like Jacques Anquetil!

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thE_kErnEl said...

Perhaps RAGBRAI is the only true cycling event left on Earth. I can't believe I missed all but Saturday night and Sunday. Hope you had fun!

thE kErnEl aBiDeS