Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Man & His Bikes-Ventoux, the flying bike

This is the most eclectic bike I own. I was looking for an old Petaluma made Salsa road frame on eBay, & was contacted directly from a seller in Michigan. We negotiated & I ended up with the beautiful frame with a Kinesis carbon fork. The original Salsa steel (is real!) fork could not be found. I scoured eBay & found a Steelman fork & pulled the trigger. About the same time, I totally fell in love with old school Campagnolo components & through multiple eBay purchases, was able to score pretty much a full gruppo. The wheelset is not the original wheelset: in the roofrack fiasco, the back wheel was severely bent. Luckily, I scored a totally sweet wheelset on eBay: Bullseye hubs with Campy Ypsilon rims. The headset on this bike is a Shimano Dura Ace that has been specially machined- it started out as a threaded headset, but is now threadless. This bike is extremely light, hence the name "Ventoux": she's a climber.

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