Thursday, June 5, 2008


The Panzer's drivetrain has been sounding like grinding gravel lately, so I stopped at Monkey Wrench yesterday for a new chain. It's now time for eDLoNNiE's maintenance tip: replace your chain when it stretches. Buy yourself a chain checker & replace the chain before it screws up your chainrings or your cassette (or freewheel). Steps to replacing a chain: 1) Spilker Hopluia

2) Miles Davis on the sound system

3) Chain tool (if you're me, you can use the one you got 27 years ago)
In other bike-related news, I finally got out for a ride today! Reading the exploits of Snakebite is pushing me to start riding with a passion again. I have to be in decent shape for Schnoctobeerfest.

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bikingbrady said...

I do believe that step 1 needs to be repeated often in your procedure.

DIRK said...

I would never make it past step 1.