Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's a Wrap!

Schnoctobeerfest-it was cold, damp, windy & a total blast! I'll write up a more detailed recap when I get some pictures (BiLLys- could you please send me your photos?). The beer judging was fun, with everyone trying beers they'd never tasted (including two of Lee's homebrews). So thanks go to eDBiLLy & MegBiLLy & family for their spectacular hosting job! Thanks, also go to the riders: K-BiLLy, Laura (the first lady to ever fully ride a City BiLLy ride), Kenyon, Lee, DiRk (with his pimpy Langster). KeRNeL, T-BiLLy, B-BiLLy, eDBiLLy & yours truly. Plans are already being made for Schnoctobeerfest 2009, with a possible route change to include a cobblestone section & a date change so the bike & beer buffet doesn't interfere with pheasant hunting (MusCLe, you were missed).

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