Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wrenching on the Motobecane Day 1

I had a little free time today, so I threw the Motobecane in the stand. I popped off the chain & noticed the cranks didn't turn very freely even without a chain. Verdict: dry bottom bracket. So, I popped off the cranks & pulled the bottom bracket & lubed the crap out of the ball bearings. I've got it all thrown back together, but I'll probably have to adjust the bottom bracket at least once more. You want the bb to have very little play, but if you overtighten it can score the races. I noticed another little fact: the derailleur hanger is broke, so my idea of using a rear der as a chain tensioner will be difficult. Oh well, that's what makes working on bikes fun. Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll tackle the brakes: they have a funky quick release that is only quasi- operational right now.

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bikingbrady said...

So you are saying that I shouldn't trust my nephew as my bike mechanic anymore? And the boy went to that fancy school in Colorado too....

eDLoNNiE said...

I would never judge someone else's wrenching skillz- my favorite two tools are a 16 oz. Stanley Claw Hammer & a Thorsen Phillips Head Screwdriver. That being said, that bottom bracket was dry as a bone.