Friday, May 1, 2009

I can't be gettin' old

I went to the optometrist the other day, because I couldn't read the fine print in the cycling catalogs that adorn my bathroom (admit it, we all have them in our bathrooms). After a few minutes, the Dr. tells me, "As we get older, our eyes lose the ability to focus over a great range of distances. Your vision for long distances has diminished, so we're going to fix that with a new prescription, which actually will make reading more difficult. You should buy an inexpensive pair of reading glasses to wear when you're reading or on the computer. If it gets worse we may have to look into bifocals." Holy crap! The only glass I want to be looking into is the carefully crafted bottom of my favorite beer bottle. The Dr. is right though; my long range vision had lessened. In cycling news, on Thursday I managed to get the fixie out for a 22 mile rain ride, another step, towards Bunyans 2 Bobs.


Briman said...

I held off of getting progressive lenses as long as I could - which is the right thing to do because the lenses alone were (cough, cough) $300.
Don't tell anyone I need them, though. They'll never know!

thE_kErnEl said...

I too am a progressive lens wearer - they suck!