Monday, June 8, 2009

B2B recap

I'll first direct you to the originator's ride report. eDBiLLy & I rode the route on fixies & had a great time, save for the layover at Bob's, due to the influx of cyclists. We were both sporting new prototype CiTy BiLLy jerseys (I'll post images soon), which performed admirably (wool is still an under rated fabric). Instead of regurgitating a ride summary, I'd like to post some observations. It's amazing the difference in mindset, when you're riding fixed; you look forward to climbs (you can easily stand & reposition yourself on the saddle) & dread the descents. You don't mind headwinds, but start to hate tailwinds, if your gear inches aren't high enough to allow you to maintain a reasonable cadence. K-BiLLy & his better half, Laura, did a great job of hosting this shindig! Next BiLLy ride, Schnoctobeerfest!


Briman said...

My Swobo woolie under a light nylon shell was perfect for the cool, misty first day of TDK.
I'll be looking forward the the CiTy BiLLy jersey!

eDLoNNiE said...

Good to hear from you, B-BiLLy! You were definitely missed at B2B: the keg of Hopluia was calling your name.

bikingbrady said...

Happy to report that none of the 4.5 excess gallons of Hopluia went to waste. I and others had it gone before TdK.