Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting Ready

I bought one of these today, to put on my Guerciotti, also known as my CiTy BiLLy staff bike. I'm going on a little trip (with my much better half), later this month to the home of the northerners. I'm still undecided about my choice of bikes, so I have to get them all in tip-top shape (wink, wink). Oh, the video post is a tribute to, in my opinion, the greatest pop bass player of all time: James Jamerson, of the Funk Brothers, Motown's house band in the 70's. This is the isolated bass track form "What's Going On", from Marvin Gaye. This is an absolute Master's Class- his brilliant rhythmic changes, along with sophisticated chordal substitutions (If you don't understand what I'm referring to, trust me, this isn't top 40).

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