Friday, October 22, 2010


Anyone who has ever been to eDBiLLy's has met Malcolm. When I first met Malcolm, he liked to growl at me, which I took very seriously, considering the fact that he was 100% muscle. Yet, after a while he actually took a liking to me, no doubt due to the fact that food always seemed to miraculously drop off my plate when he was near. My wife & I dogsat Malcolm several times & were amazed by what a gentle soul he was. When he met other dogs he always wanted to play, even when they were growling & trying to fool themselves into thinking they could exert any kind of control over him. A few weeks ago, Malcolm suddenly grew ill & passed away. As a memorial, and in lieu of an entry fee, Schnoctobeerfest will have a goodwill offering to benefit the Dodge County Humane Society, where Malcolm lived before eDBiLLy's.

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