Sunday, September 18, 2011

ScHnoCToBeeRFesT FAQs 2011

When: Saturday,October 22, 2011
Meet & Greet your favorite beverage at 9 am, ride begins at 10 am
Entry fee- One or more six packs of beer, to enter in the buffet (categories below). The schwag this year will be ala carte (that's a french term meaning "if you want it, you have to pay"). There will be no other entry fee! Food will be served at the beer buffet after the ride & those of you who have attended previous events can attest to the delicious food that eDBiLLy & MeGBiLLy come up with.
Where- CiTy BiLLy World Headquarters, outside of Elkhorn, Nebraska.
For further information, I'll plagiarize myself, from 2010: Q: What, exactly, is this ride about?
A: Schnoctobeerfest is a bike & beer buffet. We start with a meet & greet, complete with drinks, & then, have a 50, or so, mile ride, followed by a feast, ending the festivities with a beer judging.

Q: Are you guys fast cyclists?
A: Some of us are fast & some of us were fast, once. The thing that is cool about CiTy BiLLy is that we can co-exist (especially when the fast guys don't know the course).

Q: How much is the entry fee?
A: For this ride, you have to bring a six pack of beer to enter in the competition. The categories are: best microbrew, best beer under $7 per six pack, best label art (believe me, eDBiLLy knows his art), best import, best domestic & wildcard. Some new rules this year- your six pack has to be all one style of beer (in the industry, we call it a sku). In other words, you can't bring a sampler six, and enter all your beers in the competition. The only exception (Please, Lee!) is if you bring beer you made yourself. Be prepared to sample a bunch of beers you've never tasted before!
Q: How do I throw my name in the hat for this classy shindig?
A: Contact eDLoNNiE. If you've never attended a CiTy BiLLy event, I'll send you a map. We love having new faces at our rides!


Briman said...

If there's some cool swag that I don't already have, I would like some! Are there any details?

eDLoNNiE said...

B-BiLLy- we had a strategic planning meeting yesterday. The schwag is still being created. I'll post some teaser pics as soon as I can.

thE_kErnEl said...

uh, yes?

Briman said...

Could you remind me of the proposed gravel portion of the route? (How long, how loose, etc...)

eDLoNNiE said...

Briman, No gravel. Just an optional pave leg. eDDy LeE, eDBiLLy & I are pre-riding route Friday.

Dr DOPE said...

I can be there now !

eDLoNNiE said...

Dr Dope, I look forward to tipping a frosty beverage with you!