Saturday, October 27, 2012

ScHnOcToBeeRFesT 2012 FAQ & Registration

When: October 27th  Where: eDBiLLy's (outside of Elkhorn, NE (map will be provided, if needed, upon registration))  Time: 9 am for Meet & Greet, ride starts at 10 am.  Q: What, exactly is this event?  A: A bike & beer buffet. Every participant is required to bring a 6-pack of beer to enter in the post-ride beer judging. There are several categories you can enter your beer in. This picture explains it better than I ever could. Don't think you have to bring some high & mighty beer. There are enough categories to enter in, that almost any beer stands a chance of winning. After the ride, there is a magnificent meal. Q: Is there a registration fee? A: No Q: Do I have to ride really fast to keep up with you guys on the bike ride, and how far is it?  A: The ride is 55 miles, and we leave no one behind. Hell, I'm usually the caboose.  Q: How do I register?  A; Shoot me a message.

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