Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gettin' by, day by day!

Most of you know I'm an Assistant Store Director at a local grocery store. I recently moved to another location & it's been a challenge. So, I apologize for not posting more. Things will work out. Somehow, during my last ride (about 2 weeks ago), I managed to tweak my right knee. So, I've been off the bike for a couple of weeks, but am planning to go out for a fixie ride Saturday. I'll post some pics: I'll probably go out early to beat the traffic to the Husker game. In the meantime, one of the schwag items for LBL has already been purchased. What do you think would be a cool memento from a ride? Let me know.


Briman said...

I think the image of Eddie Merckx would make me go faster! It certainly couldn't hurt...
B-biLLy Briman

thE_kErnEl said...

A Merckx Molteni MX Leader would be an excellent prize. Please make it a 58.

thE kErnEl