Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

Snakebite tagged me, so here we go:
1) I was classically trained on the cello until I was a sophomore in high school, when I quit (I thought it was nerdy). I was pretty good-when I was a freshman, I played in this guy's senior college recital, where every other performer had at least a master's degree. I regret quitting to this day: I have actually learned a couple of Bach's cello pieces on the bass guitar, the instrument I still play.
2) Twice in my life, I've lost more than 30 lbs. in less than three months. Not because I'm a workout fanatic, but because I eat like a pig. If I didn't cycle, I'd be huge.
3) I've basically worked at the same job since I was 18. The company I started working for in 1980 was bought out by the company I currently work for. I've only been through a job interview four times in my life.
4) When I was in high school, I took a personality test.I had to go the guidance counselors when the results came back. I was told I was anti-social, that my dream job would be one where I had no contacts with other humans (that rules out most jobs, especially retail). Of course, maybe that explains why I only have two really close friends (and why I'm not going to tag five other bloggers).
5) I was an obsessive reader when I first got into cycling. I would go to the local bike shop & buy every magazine I could (I don't know why I didn't subscribe). I bought so many magazines that my nickname (unbeknownst to me until recently) was "magazine man".

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thE_kErnEl said...

i wish i had a picture of "fat" lonnie!