Friday, April 17, 2009

Song for the Day

I saw the Suburbs twice live in the 80's; both were unforgettable. Once, at the now defunct Ranch Bowl in Omaha, we snuck in before the soundcheck, got the front table & ordered drinks. We tipped the waitress (a saucy number in her 60's) $20 & created a friend for life (or at least, the evening). We were told we had to leave for the soundcheck. Imagine our surprise, when upon readmission, we found our table had a reserved sign on it. We started trying to find another good spot, when our waitress yelled, "I saved this table for you!". The rest of the night was magical; a great show, with our new friend bringing rounds of drinks (without us ordering them), saying, "You boys looked thirsty". The Suburbs were definitely one of the gems of the 80's. Their album, "Credit in Heaven" is still my favorite double lp.

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thE_kErnEl said...

wow! I had forgotten completely about that. What a great night it was. Do you remember her name?