Friday, April 17, 2009


The weather looks delightful. I have enough beer that we had to ask our neighbor to stash some, as my house fridge & beer cooler are overflowing, with multiple cases of Shmaltz stacked on the floor. I still have some cleaning & cooking to do. Most of the NoRtHeRn BiLLys are traveling to Nebraska tonight (need to be wide awake for the meet & greet): I wish them safe journeys. In personal news, I'm going to try & get out for a little spin today; it'll be my first ride since I took the spill at work. Hopefully, I'm comfortable enough to ride tomorrow (it would take a lot of pain to prevent me from seeing all the sunshine that we're going to experience tomorrow).

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bikingbrady said...

Change of plan from the Vermillion BiLLy's...we are heading to Omaha and will arrive in the AM for morning festivities.

Can't wait though!