Tuesday, June 5, 2007

RAGBRAI 2002: Cherokee

The KeRNeL had lined up places for us to stay all during RAGBRAI 2002. We had an address for a house in Cherokee, & after finding it, the adventure began. On the front door was a sign that said "Welcome, come on in", so we walked in & found a house with a TV (cable, so we could watch the Tour de France), a few pieces of lawn furniture & a refrigerator full of 2 cases of beer with another sign "Drink Me"! But, no one was home. So, we did the logical thing & started drinking beer.
Fast forward an hour & the phone rings: it's Dr. Tim (DDS) & he wants to know if it'd be OK if he stopped by (Gosh, I don't know- it's your house, your beer). Dr. Tim is on the far right of the picture above. Dr. Tim shows up (with 2 more cases of beer) & turns out to be a 100% character. Endless energy, endless stories. We had to ask about the stark furnishings in the house & he explained that he worked in many small towns in the area, & it was cheaper to own this house than to rent the occasional motel room.
The next installment in RAGBRAI 2002: Deeter- the Man, the Myth, the Legend.

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