Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Wonders of Beer!

I love beer! Sometimes, I think my dream job would be writing a beer rating guide. I will start a beer of the week column on this blog. The first entry is obvious: Leinenkugel's Original. This beer has been a steadfast friend for years. Yes, Leinies was bought out by Miller a few years ago, but if you think the brothers (Jake, Dick & John) are sitting on their butts counting their money, you'd be sadly mistaken. I emailed the brewery the first year that Leinies Apple Spice came out (the perfect breakfast beer), asking if they could find me some (it was in short supply). I received a prompt response & lo & behold the local distributor had an extra pallet (no, I didn't drink the whole thing). It's this kind of caring that has won me over for life. I recently was in Wisconsin & was shocked to find Leinies in a 12 pk for around $6.30 in a full service grocery store! I brought some to a family function, & the local Wisconsin contingent turned up their noses. I asked if they had ever sampled this exilir- they said no. Needless to say, I had some converts 12 oz. later. This beer is simple & yet has a comforting quality that assures you that you didn't score the local rockgut. Beautiful!

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