Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday-Time in the Saddle

Today, I rode to Denton & back on the fixie: beautiful day! One thing that bugs me- the bridge on the trail at 27th & Highway 2 is currently being repainted. Here's a picture of the bridge with Flat Stanley posed in front (my nephew asked for my help with a school project, so Stanley & I took a bike ride earlier in the year). Anyways, just why in the heck did they only paint the bridge in sections, instead of closing the whole thing? Why didn't they paint it in late winter or early spring?
Update on the Salsa (the flyer): it's now back together, save for a set of pedals (eDBiLLy has graciously lent me a set). I still think I'll probably ride the Guerciotti for RAGBRAI. Actually my ride for RAGBRAI is the least of my worries. We need to get places to stay lined up.
From time to time, I ride with an ipod- I know the dangers inherent with this decision. I listen to music when I get out on the highway, but I really enjoy listening to a podcast "The Fredcast". A link can be found in the link section of this blog.

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