Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's coming up fast!

B-BiLLy, this pics for you! The KeRNeL's mom doesn't even like beer, but being the trooper she is, posed for this. She also made some killer brownies, and I think, is ready for this year. Many of the CiTy BiLLy North folks are doing the B2B Fall Colors Tour this weekend. eDBiLLy & I planned on going to the Octoginta
ride several months ago, so we're going to miss B2B, and that upsets me. Now for the obligatory questions- are you coming to Schnoctobeerfest & what are you riding, and for the brave of heart, what kind of beer are you going to impress the panel with?


bikingbrady said...

Oh I'll be there....we will try to schedule so you can make a B2B ride next year. This was the only open date I had in October!

Riding: Tandem if the wife rides, Motobecane fixie if she doesn't.

Beer: SingleTrack Copper Ale

Briman said...

She would LIKE US TO THINK she didn't swill that brewski down right after the snapshot!

I'll be riding the 925 again, nicely outfitted with drop bars and CBC stickers.

I'm thinking of Schell Pils for libations. We can alternate between ales & lagers.

DIRK said...

I will be there on the VEGAS LANGSTER, I go to pick it up tomorrow!
Don't know what kind of beer, I was thinking about SingleTrack. Guess I'll find something else.
Brady... you better bring more than a six pack of that stuff.

bikingbrady said...

It's about $10 a six pack here....you got a better deal eDDiRK?

Briman said...

I think it's more like $7-8 here. Their Mojo is awesome, too... then again, I might have to be Hazed and Infused.

DiRkbiLLy, if you're picking up the Langster around 5:30 or so, I could peek in at 2WD to get a fist look at... the Vegas.

Snakebite said...

Alas I cannot attend this year's bike prom. Social engagements have me elsewhere otherwise engaged for most of thee afternoon on that day.

eDLoNNiE said...

Snakebite, you will be missed. K-BiLLy, did you get the gear ratio changed on the Motobecane? B-BiLLy, excellent choice on libation: I like just about everything Schell makes. DiRk, I can't wait to see the new ride!

bikingbrady said...

No change on the Motobecane yet...It may be too low of a ratio on the small sprocket. At this point it is looking like a Tandem ride as Mrs. Biking Brady is coming with. Unless the weather sucks...then my fair weather princess shall be making friends with Mrs. eDLoNNie and Mrs. eDBiLLy

thE_kErnEl said...

i'm bringing the serotta. the ss is now just for commuting. i'll bring some sort of surprise. thE MusCLe will be coming and bringing his ss, i believe and some really good beer that isn't named grain belt.