Thursday, September 11, 2008

Schnoctobeerfest 2008

On Saturday October 18th, eDBiLLy is going to host our annual Fall Classic, Schnoctobeerfest, a bike & beer buffet. The ride will leave from CiTy BiLLy world headquarters (west of Elkhorn) at 10 am. The ride will be preceded by a" meet & greet" (meet & greet your favorite beverage) at 9am. The route will be similar to last years, with a surprise or two thrown in. Registration will be opened next week, with information on schwag that will be available. We will once again ask for a freewill offering of a six pack of beer to go into the giant ice barrel. This year, I have decided to open up the judging to everyone: we will have small sampler cups available, along with scorecards! I hope to see a bunch of familiar faces, along with some new ones: See you there!


bikingbrady said...

It's on the calendar with a warning not to even THINK about scheduling over it.

Fall classics are NOT to be tampered with!

DIRK said...

It's on my calendar. After the fun at LBL, I will not be scheduling ANYTHING over a BiLLy ride!

Snakebite said...!

thE_kErnEl said...

my mom will have brownies available

Briman said...

Swilling down an Old Mil with the kErnEl's mom was one of my highlights last year. I'll try to discern Gore's PA system from the highway patrol this year, and ride to the right.
Do you suppose "b-Billy and the Jets" can make the playlist?