Monday, September 15, 2008

Schnoctobeerfest 2008

When: Saturday October 18th, 2008
9 am: "Meet & Greet"
10 am: Ride time
Where: 7315 N. 216th St. Elkhorn, NE

How much: $20 & a six pack of yer choice

*Pre- ride beverages (there will be a keg of Spilker Hopluia)
*Various "hydration" stops
*Route Support vehicle
*Post Ride meal (Italian) & beer buffet
*Limited edition t-shirt (not yer typical Onabike type!)
*Donated six packs will be on the beer buffet & be judged by the group
*Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Best Domestic Micro, Best Old School Brew, Best Import, Best Label Art (Piss on the beer), Wildcard (wow the group with quantity, quality, a story on how this beer makes your life worth living).

After ride festivities will also include the screening of several cycling films. This year's t-shirts are a tribute to the tattoo artist Jerry Collins- there will be a safe for work version & the NSFW version (actually, the only controversial image is on the bottom back of the shirt, if you would tuck your shirt in, you could wear this to a PTA (PTO?) meeting). We will have one of our waivers to sign the day of the ride. To register, please drop me a note with your t-shirt size. I'll post pics of the shirts, so you can decide which version of the shirt you want.


bikingbrady said...

I'll be there. The Mrs. will probably make the trip as well, but not to ride, unless the Tandem is legal at this event.

Snakebite said...

I'm confident I don't know where I am or where I'm going at this very minute. But don't let that stop ya. Nobody can pick up that 7 / 10 split like One-Eyed Charlie. Now, go get your cowbell, there's sausage to be stuffed!!!

eDLoNNiE said...

Ah Snakebite! I knew you could put the whole event in perspective. kB, of course the tandem is legal.

bikingbrady said...

I will confirm if the Mrs. wants to ride or not. A hotel room has been secured for Friday and Saturday solidifying our attendance at this most prestigious event.

thE_kErnEl said...

i would like to attend please. t-shirt size is US Mens large. if you're handing out condoms, i'd need a size extra small.

thank you

can i bring a mixed 6 pack? also, do you want the 20 in US dollars? i've got some nigerian dollars i'd like to use. actually, if you send me 5000 us dollars, i'll bring you 10,000 when i arrive to your ride a bike

DIRK said...

I may bring a mixed six pack and take all the labels off before I get there. Might be a nice Belgian Ale, might be a Coors Light?